Filson: Might As Well Have the Best

Amé Amé is proud to say that we have, in stock, the legendary Filson brand. We now carry a selection of Filson bags, including the Small Field Bag and the Classic Briefcase. These bags are beautiful examples of craftsmanship that only improve with age. Ten years from now when you still have your Filson bag, not only will it be as strong as ever, but it will look experienced and wisened as if it could tell its own thrilling life story of frontiersmanship and adventure. Filson products were tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of The Klondike during its gold rush, and the man headed north often put his very life in the hands of Filson; these bags will have no trouble withstanding the modern hustle and bustle of urban life. What could I say, though, that Mr. C.C. Filson could not say better…

“TO OUR CUSTOMERS: if a man is going North, he should come to us for his outfit, because we have obtained our ideas of what is best to wear in that country from the experience of the man from the North — not merely one — but hundreds of them. Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. YOU CAN DEPEND ABSOLUTELY UPON OUR GOODS BOTH AS TO MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP.”
— C.C. Filson, 1914 Catalog

Amé Amé is located at 318 E 9th St, NYC between 2ns & 1st Avenue in the East Village.

Straw Top Hats – Brilliant!

A few years back I finally treated myself to a wool top hat.  I love wearing it to formal yet quirky events, like the Webutante Ball, which comes up next week.

But what I’m even more excited about than the ball is that I found some fabulous UNISEX straw top hat to sell at Amé Amé that are perfect for spring and summer weather, more Gatsby like jazz age parties, and will keep some sun of your gorgeous face.


New straw top hats at Amé Amé  $65 - $85.  These hats are so fab they're sold in Japan.

New straw top hats at Amé Amé $65 – $85. These hats are so fab they’re sold in Japan.



webutante bailey and tess 1

Not my best pucker, but c’est la vie. The top hat and feather boa grabbed a lot of good attention.


AppNexus's First Webutante Attendance

AppNexus’s First Webutante Attendance




Tray 6 – Almost More Patterns Than You Know What to Do With

Mom’s often love colors and the rain, so what better last minute mother’s day gift than a cheerful Tray6 umbrella!

These stylish umbrellas by Tray 6 feature a resilient design and an enormous range of colors and prints. The prints are based on Japanese designs and are woven from a 190 thread count Pongee fabric. The frames are constructed from steel and fiberglass to ensure wind resistance. The handles are rubber coated and ergonomic for maximum comfort. With such a wide array of patterns, if you don’t find one to suit your personality, I dare say you may not have one.

Amé Amé: Now a Barbour Official Stockist

Amé Amé, an East Village rainwear and candy boutique, has recently been counted among the few authorized retailers of Barbour outerwear.

An English company founded in 1894 by John Barbour; J. Barbour and Sons has been making quality outerwear for 117 years. Barbour’s distinctive look has long called forth the regal charm of the English countryside. Their jackets feature a shell of thorn proof waxed cotton, smartly adorned with corduroy, and the warm cotton lining features the ancient Barbour tartan. With each passing decade Barbour’s apparel is proving to be as timeless as it is stylish. Barbour is honored to hold three Royal Warrants, and chairwoman Margaret Barbour was appointed a Dame Commander of the order of the British Empire.

Amé Amé is now one of only six authorized dealers in Manhattan, and is a rare example of a boutique location being authorized by Barbour. Amé Amé is quickly gaining notoriety for its commitment to high quality products, and dedication to customer service; so naturally, Barbour was a perfect fit for this up and coming East Village shop. Amé Amé is located at 318 E 9th st in Manhattan.