Bootights By Leg Up

When facing cold weather, even on rainy or snowy days, for women I highly recommend wearing  knee high boots with thick tights and a wool shirt dress or skirt and sweater as opposed to pants.

The lycra dries much quicker and you stay just as warm if not warmer.

And now with our extra durable Bootights by Leg Up, which are tights with built in you can be a sustainable fashion-ista by not having to throw away tights as often.

One of the big reasons we think Bootights will last you longer is that they have a “performance sock” built right into the tights.  Thus you won’t quickly end up with holes near your big toe which often happens when you wear tights with boots.

Thanks Cool Moms Cool Kids for sharing the photo!

Thanks Cool Moms Cool Kids for sharing the photo!

Furthermore we’re excited to have Bootights at Amé Amé - the world’s only rain gear and candy specialty store – because a lot of women complain about cold feet as well as their feet aching in rain boots (and other boots or shoes with flat insoles and little arch support).

Bootights takes care of both these problems!

You’ll have more comfort than with ordinary tights by wearing  Bootights because built into the sock is arch support!  Plus the sock has moisture-wicking capabilities that help your toes stay drier and more toasty.

If you need a little more convincing before coming into our store or buying from us online, here’s what the people of Bootights have to say about the awesome sock

  1. moisture-wicking so feet are drier and warmer
  2. compression arch support so feet feel supported and energized all day long.
  3. top mesh so feet breath inside boots
  4. sculpted cushioning so heel and toe are protected and comfy in boots
  5. contoured fit of sock so boots fit amazing. no more slipping feet or bunching socks!

Come get a pair for yourself.

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