#OOTD Black Spiewak Jacket With Black And White Scarf And Sunglasses

Photography by Tony D White

Photography by Tony D White

Outfit of the Day—Friday, April 17,2015:

Whether the weather be cold…

Scarves are prefect for this time a year when the weather is still in transition and your guess at the temperature is just as good as any forecast. When there’s a chill, wear it around your neck… when it’s warmer, move it down your waist and wear it as a skirt over your pants.

You can recreate this look – scarf, sunglasses and black Spiewak jacket and all – at Amé Amé.

Amé Amé is located at 17 W 29th St, NYC, between 5th avenue and Broadway, across the street from the Ace Hotel.

Never leave the house in rain without a trench coat!

Trench coats are vital for bad weather days. We love how these celebrities wear chic neutral colored trench coats. These must-have rain essentials show off a tailored and sophisticated look, and are guaranteed to make any outfit look great even when the weather is gloomy.

Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Pippa and Kate Middleton, Christina Aguilera

Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Pippa and Kate Middleton, and Christina Aguilera show off their rainy day style with these fabulous trench coats.

Weekly Weather Fashion Recap


Didn’t take our word at Amé Amé when we were selling made in America Fidelity Wool Coats that wool was  great for a rain day then listen to Refinery 29 http://www.refinery29.com/all-weather-clothing

Team Amé Amé especially loves the gaucho like camel wool hat and the spotted sleeves.

Team Amé Amé especially loves the gaucho like camel wool hat and the spotted sleeves.    If we were going to give her an umbrella, we’d go with the navy pinstriped Italian made Ombrelli umbrella.


A few weeks ago Aly Walansky asked the founder of Amé Amé (Teresa Soroka) for some thoughts on the hottest trench coats this season for the Completely You “Our Favorite Rainy Day Gear” Story.  And this week the story got posted.  (Our fingers are crossed that they fix the link so that the Soia & Kyo link directs to Amé Amé so you can support our small business)

Amé Amé is one of the unique places in NYC where you can try on Soia & Kyo, a brand known for tailored cuts.

Amé Amé is one of the unique places in NYC where you can try on Soia & Kyo, a brand known for tailored cuts and terrific “urban waterproof” / highly water resistant jackets.

And last but not least the Terra New York frosty white Trench Coat & 3 other pieces got featured by InStyle for “4 Rain Gear Items that Make a Splash

The Terra New York in action at Amé Amé being bought by real people not just celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence

The Terra New York Tribecca Trench coat in Frosty White and in action at Amé Amé being bought by real people not just celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence

Travel & Leisure Award Winning Favorites

Teresa Soroka, the founder and Creative Director at Amé Amé is always on the look out for designers and brands that make the ordinary extraordinary.  And it’s always a  nice validation to her when product she picks for the store get fantastic awards, like the Travel and Leisure Design Award

Below we tell you about two of these products, and if you buy online by 2/28/13, save 10% with the promo code BlogPost.


Terra New York boasts of “fashion-forward functional, designer rain gear,” and they certainly deliver with the Tribeca trench coat.

Using heat sealing techniques for the seams, this coat is 100% waterproof, and able to withstand a heavy downpour. The coat features a ventilation system, allowing the body to breathe. The Tribeca is both comfortable and super chic.



This fabulous trench won the Travel & Leisure Award just this year, for the best travel clothing.


100% water proof trench coat, 2 front pockets, storm flap and ventilation system. Seams are welded together to ensure you stay dry!

100% water proof trench coat, 2 front pockets, storm flap and ventilation system. Seams are welded together to ensure you stay dry!


Declared best travel accessory, Grace Carter’s zip up boot won the Travel & Leisure Award last year.

Don’t let bad weather keep you from wearing your favorite flats or heels to a fun night out! Shield your shoes with these essential covers.


Made with super-stretchy, waterproof fabric, these shoe covers shield any type of shoe from inclement weather. They were made for walking, with traction-focused rubber outsoles, and easily zip on and off.

Although ingenious, Grace certainly did not sacrifice style for function. The covers come in two flavors: a chic black and a daring leopard print.

Grace Carter has a cover to accommodate any kind of shoe. There are different shapes matching the silhouettes of your favorite flats or heels. The small fits shoe sizes 5 and 6, medium fits shoe sizes 7 and 8, and large fits shoe sizes 9 and 10.

Reasons you will love Grace Carter zip up boots:

  • Covers can easily fold up to fit conveniently in a small purse
  • Completely weather resistant
  • Excellent traction sole to keep you from slipping


Three Ways to Wear Barbour

One of our first Barbour Jacket Customers from last year spotted on the East Village’s wonderful 9th Street.  And her Bedale jacket looks good as new.   

2012-12-15 16.49.30

He looks great in this quilted Barbour Vest but he’s kindly giving it to his boyfriend as a Christmas gift.

Barbour Umbrella + Barbour Jacket = a great match

Barbour Umbrella + Barbour Jacket = a great match

Wool Capes – the perfect final layer


Cape by Fidelity.  Lulu Guinness Umbrella

Cape by Fidelity. Lulu Guinness Umbrella  (call 646-867-2342 to buy or buy from us on Shoptiques)




You might think my first posting would be about umbrellas, but its not.  I want to write a timely piece about winter capes, which most women sadly don’t own.

Last year women all over NYC and other places were wearing large, poncho, blanket-like capes.  I haven’t seen as many this year, which is kind of a shame.  Though I get it because in someways they weren’t practical once you got in doors.  If you got too hot you were suddenly like Linus stuck holding onto a big blanket.

Not knowing that capes were going to be less popular this year, I picked up for my boutique cropped wool cape-ponchos by Fidelity.  They’re made in America and I liked the crop aspect, particularly for petite women like myself for whom large capes and ponchos were almost a no go.

After owning my little red riding hood like cape for several weeks now both indoors at the shop and traveling, I have fallen in love even more with this kind of cape.

 Take away points about:  Cropped Wool Capes  that can be unbuttoned and worn like an open jacket or a poncho 

  • They act as a nice, cute outerwear piece during the warmer fall weather.  Being cropped they’re a bit more figure flatting than larger ponchos.
  • When Jack Frost comes around, Cropped Capes work well over your jacket or coat  as a wind breaking layer against cold winter winds. *
  • Being able to be unbuttoned allows you to regulate heat when indoors
  • Sweaters can sometimes to be too warm for indoors and a poncho cape provides the right amount of warmth.
  • When you’re in extra cold places where they don’t seem to heat the indoors, like England, they make for a perfect 3rd or 4th layer over your thermal layer, your top, and or your sweater.
  • Ponchos with buttons down the front but no buttons on the side to turn the poncho into a jacket are not as practical.
  • Capes with hoods are generally preferred.  Hoods typically make the piece more stylish and certainly more practical.  Not everybody likes to carry a hat or ear coverings around.  Or sometimes we just forget to.  Plus many jackets and coats people wear (like pea-coats and leather jackets) don’t have a hood, so the cape may as well since it’s serving as a final layer of warmth.
  • While the Fidelity Cropped Wool Cape doesn’t have pockets, pockets could be nice if they don’t add too much bulk

*Extra Tip: choose form fitting winter jackets withonly enough room for one sweater & a thin top. This will make you look more flattering than going around like the Michelin Man or somebody wearing a big puffy sleepingbag for a coat.  Then use a cape for extra warmth on exceptionally cold days or invest into terrific thermo micro layers. (Future blog posting on picking a jacket to come)



 Jonathan Brannigan wool & alpaca cape.  Made in Ireland.