#OOTD Hats & Lisa B Knee-High Socks


Photography by Tony D White

Outfit of the Day—Thursday, April 2, 2015:

I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer.

—Neil Armstrong

He took us to the moon and back but left his poor socks in 1950s. Thankfully since the space age, we’ve seen some advancements in what we wear down here on Earth. Today, I’ve chosen Lisa B knee-high socks to go with my floral pattern H&M dress and top hat and sunglasses. The black knee high socks provide the look with a tinge of sport and youthful activity as well an air of mature sophistication. They seem quite ageless, don’t you think?

Have you ever had so much fun in a dress? Find out by trying a pair of Lisa B knee high socks, available at Amé Amé:




Amé Amé is located at 17W 29th St, NYC between 5th Avenue and Broadway—across the street from the Ace Hotel.

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