Straw Top Hats – Brilliant!

A few years back I finally treated myself to a wool top hat.  I love wearing it to formal yet quirky events, like the Webutante Ball, which comes up next week.

But what I’m even more excited about than the ball is that I found some fabulous UNISEX straw top hat to sell at Amé Amé that are perfect for spring and summer weather, more Gatsby like jazz age parties, and will keep some sun of your gorgeous face.


New straw top hats at Amé Amé  $65 - $85.  These hats are so fab they're sold in Japan.

New straw top hats at Amé Amé $65 – $85. These hats are so fab they’re sold in Japan.



webutante bailey and tess 1

Not my best pucker, but c’est la vie. The top hat and feather boa grabbed a lot of good attention.


AppNexus's First Webutante Attendance

AppNexus’s First Webutante Attendance




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