#OOTD Red Knomo Bag With Red Wood Stem Umbrella

knomo-red-bag-red-wood-umbrella-teresa-soroka-ame-ame-nycOutfit of the Day—Monday, April 13, 2015:

Red is such a vibrant and expressive color. It’s a real shame people seem to not to know how to wear it and shy away from it. Well, allow me to let you in a little secret about red, in particular red pants: they are a simple thing master and wearing them will help you stand out in the rest. Just don’t hesitate—that’s how you wear them! Oh, and don’t wear them alone. Accessorize with matching red sunglasses, a red umbrella and a red bag, like I did with this red bag from Knomo.

And last but not least: wear chucks. They’ll tie everything together and you’ll look effortless wear them. That’s why #iheartchucks so much!

To start your adventures in red, you can find the Knomo bag I’m wearing for yourself at Amé Amé.


Amé Amé is located at 17 W 29th Street, NYC, between 5th avenue and Broadway—across the street from the Ace Hotel.